Church of the Redeemer

1201 Riverside Dr, Asheville NC 28804 - 828-253-3588

Date Function # First Line
May 21, Easter 6 Processional   Organist's Vacation
Grad & Seq
May 28, Easter 7 Processional 450 All hail the power of Jesus' name
Grad & Seq 295 Sing Praise to our Creator 1-2,3
Offertory 484 Praise the Lord through every nation
Communion 307 Lord, enthroned in heavenly splendor
Recessional 494 Crown him with many crowns
04-Jun, Pentecost Processional 372 Praise to the living God!
Gospel & Sequence 295 Sing praise to our Creator 1-2,3
Offertory 48 O day of radiant gladness
Communion 554 Tis the gift to be simple
Recessional 531 O Spirit of the living God
11-Jun, 1st Sunday
after Pentecost
Processional 421 All glory be to God on high
Gos & Seq 398 I sing the almighty power of God 1-2,3
Offertory 368 Holy Father, great Creator
Communion 308 O Food to pilgrims given
Recessional 528 Lord, you give the great commission (523)
18-Jun, 2nd Sunday
after Pentecost
Processional 391 Before the Lord's eternal throne
Gos & Seq 495 Hail, thou once despised Jesus! 1-2,4
Offertory 472 Hope of the word, thou Christ of great compassion
Communion 321 My God, thy table now is spread
Recessional 541 Come, labor on
25-Jun, 3rd Sunday
after Pentecost
Processional 524 I love thy kingdon, Lord
Gos & Seq 296 We know that Christ is raised and dies no more 1-2,4
Offertory 661 They cast their nets in Galilee
Communion 564 He who would valiant be
Recessional 537 Christ for the world we sing!