Church of the Redeemer

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Date Function # First Line
March 26
4th Lent
Introit S-217 Seek the Lord while he wills to he found
Processional 7 Christ, whose glory fills the skies
Gosp & Seq 466 Eternal light, shine in my heart 1-2,3
Offertory 429 I'll praise my Maker while I've breath
Communion 692 I heard the voice of Jesus say
Recessional 339 Deck thyself, my soul, with gladness
April 2
5th Lent
Processional 702 Lord, Thou hast Searched me and dost Know
Grad & Seq 488 Be Thou my Vision 1-2,3
Offertory 411 O bless the Lord, my soul
Communion 455 O Love of God, how strong and true
Recessional 347 Go forth for God; go to the world in peace (Tune 438)
April 9
Palm Sunday
Introit 156 Ride on, ride on in majesty (Winchester New)
Processional 154 All Glory, Laud, and honor
Offertory 458 My song is love unknown
Communion 313 Let thy blood in mercy poured
Recessional 474 When I survey the wondrous cross
April 13
Maundy Thursday
Processional 158 Ah, holy Jesus, how hast thou offended
Grad & Seq 439 What wondrous love is this, O my soul!
Offertory 315 Thou, who at thy first Eucharist didst pray.
Communion 325 Let us break bread together on our knees
Recessional 164 Alone thou goest forth, O Lord
April 14
Good Friday
Processional Silent
Grad & Seq 170 To mock your reign, O dearest Lord 1-2,3
After Sermon 171 Go to dark Gethsemane
Before Cross 166 Sing, my tongue the glorious battle
After Collects 163 Sunset to sunrise changes now
April 16
Easter Sinday
Processional 210 The day of resurrection
Grad & Seq 184 Christ the Lord is risen again 1-2,3
Offertory 213 Come away to the skies
Communion 174 At the Lamb's high feast we sing
Recessional 191 Alleluia, alleluia! Hearts and voices heavenward raise
April 23
Easter 2
Processional 205 Good Christians all, rejoice and sing
Grad & Seq 231 By all your saints still striving (2: St. Thomas)
Offertory 209 We walk by faith and not by sight
Communion 242 How oft, O Lord, thy face hath shone
Recessional 472 Hope of the world, thou Christ of great compassion
April 30
Easter 3
Processional 483 The head that once was crowned with thorns
Grad & Seq 440 Blessed Jesus, at thy word 1-2,3
Offertory 307 Lord, enthroned in heavenly splendor
Communion 306 Come, risen Lord, and deign to be our guest
Recessional 180 He is risen, he is risen!