The Vestry: Elected lay leaders responsible for the temporal affairs of the parish

  • Maintaining buildings
  • Making the budget
  • Raising funds
  • Providing materials necessary for worship
  • Calling the rector (with Bishop's consent)
  • Working with her/him for the ministry of the parish
  • Giving to the Diocese

We meet the last Sunday of each month, normally, and can be convened at other times as the need arises. Minutes of Vestry Meetings are posted on the bulletin board in the Parish Hall after they have been approved. Meetings are not Closed, which is to say any member of the church may attend and observe the procedings, but may not contribute in any way.

"The term of a Vestry member is for three years, and a Vestry member is not eligible for reelection in the year following the expiration of his/her term." - Vestry Handbook. However, in our small parish, we do reelect for one subsequent term, since we have a much smaller congregation in which to find willing members.

And speaking of willing members, two of our members are due to rotate off the Vestry: Mark Lunsford and Jim Reuter. Those members of the congregation who want to have a closer association with the parish, who might have some ideas they would like to try for raising funds, not only from out own congregations but other parishes or the community surrounding us, let your interest be known to one of the current Vestry members or our Rector.

Keith Lunsford (2nd year): Senior Warden
Mark Lunsford (3rd year): Junior Warden
Jim Reuter (3rd year)
Tom Vernon (1st year)
Maryann Morley (1st year)
Bill Smith: Clerk (Ex Oficio)
Dennie Boettcher: Treasurer (Ex Oficio)
Fr. Alexander Hanks: Rector (Ex Oficio)

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